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Initial Hoarding Clean up Process

We respect each and every one of our customers and their privacy. We understand that the issue of hoarding, and the steps that are taken to seek help for that problem, is something our customers might like to keep private. For this reason, all of our vehicles arrive to any property are labeled with a high sense of discretion so there is no reason why anyone needs to know what services you are having performed. As mentioned earlier, we understand that the road to a tidy home is a journey, but you do not have to go it alone.

CORE works closely with our customers, interacting with them throughout the cleaning process, and making sure they are comfortable throughout the cleanup process. The cleaning effort is done in a few days. Our cleaning process not only deals with the chaos, but also with the emotional state of our customer. Our customers comfort levels come first and we want every cleaning to be based on your particular needs. We will work with you one on one prior to your service to make sure you are put at ease with any looming stressors or anxieties. Through our years of experience and addressing the emotional and psychological side of hoarding, we recognize that this process can be stressful and overwhelming. We will do everything in our power not to add to the existing stress. Monitoring our customers in order to keep them in their comfort zone during the cleaning process. We recommend that you take the accumulator along with the cleaning process in order to allay any concerns. We also recommend that a friend or family member be present who can provide positive support, to visit our website and address the hoarding issue. Again, you do not have to start this journey alone. Together we can do it. We have successfully renovated thousands of properties, residential and commercial, including but not limited to storage facilities, affected by hoarding problems and restored so many lives in the process. Our hoarder aftercare program is simple but effective in preventing our consumers from returning to old habits. When you or your loved ones need help placing an order, you have found the only company that does it with compassion, empathy and completely free of judgment. Trust CORE and let us do what we do best: restore properties and improve lives!

Animal and Pet Cleanup

Some individuals feel the need to try and take in more pets or animals than they can feasibly have the tie or the money to take care of. These people are not trying to harm them; they simply cannot afford to take care of more and more animals. CORE Group stands ready to help. We have cleaned thousands of houses affected by the gathering of animals, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and even a family of mice. Rodent nesting materials and high concentrations of ammonia are the most common findings in these properties. However, the cat house is the most common animal gathering in one place and the worst gathering place due to the limited water intake and the high crystallization rate of cat urine.  Urine-soaked materials in the room are what make most of its contents irresistible to more incidents on these items. In addition, structural damage has also been found in these houses, and urine has physically eroded the carpets, floors, and plasterboard. This type of property requires special attention and should be serviced by companies with the knowledge and equipment to properly maintain these types of areas. Most importantly, these are the CORE Groups values ​​of decency, honesty and compassion based on the right treatment of these people. CORE teams will review the content and save any content that has not been destroyed. Those items will be stored and completely cleaned and disinfected. CORE will also evaluate all structural elements throughout the home to evaluate possible options for repairing potential damage. Call us 24/7 – 365 a year to regain control and get your life back on track.

Personalize Your Cleanup

Hoarders and what drives them are unique. How they got here is their personal roadmap. Following the pattern cannot help people who suffer from accumulation, which is why we start with each customer and understand all their personal situation, where they have been, and what got them to this point. Our personal cleaning plan is tailored to your specific needs. Our main goal is to help them build a place or room to rejuvenate their enthusiasm and zest for life they once had. You can have a place where you can appreciate and show the love and passion that brings you real happiness again. Now can use the space for your favorite hobbies instead of collecting items that can never fill the emptiness or bring happiness back into your live. Call CORE to get a personalized cleaning plan tailored to you, your needs, and your home now and start living a full life again.

The reality is that there are usually many items that need to be found and restored. CORE Group has developed a unique cleaning plan for all of our customers, always keeping in mind the mess around the house. Specializing in returning items with emotional value, all legal documents, invoices, bank statements, photos, and any items with monetary value. We are working hard to clean up the excessive chaos in the individual’s home, whether it is to allow donations or re-donate these items, crushing or garbage disposal. Rest assured, if there are any items in the house, you need, we will be sure to find them.

Get Started Today

We have team members waiting to assist you to discuss your unique situation today. We will discuss your desire to clean the car; what the house should look like, what is your goals are, and answer any other questions you may have. Some houses may still require a home inspection. One of our team members will come to inspect your property and give you a quote with detailed information about our conversations and personal methods to restore your home to a fully functional and comfortable home, and service prices.  The CORE team is ready to help you in any way we are needed. Making a plan to organize your home has never been easier. Call today and let CORE professionals help you enjoy your home today.